Friday, February 24, 2012

To Say I Love You

From ongoing works: Unedited, Love Stories

To say I love you. 
The stillness in place of movement
is still in its placement and its
placement alone.  To say I love you. 

The words flutter, etch, shake
fly and move.  Still

Words, bounds on this thing that grows, filling
the cavity, inflating, reaching, seeing the edge, looking at the walls,
to say, “I love you”.  Shake those whispers from me,
bound it with a memory, wrap it in a song, and send it to me again,
packaged, tied up, and say, “I love you.”

The first order is a placement.  The second,
a movement, and the third, a movement
of a movement. 
The stillness, that’s made a movement, the love
which is made a past, the past, which is a second order
present, the future which is the third,
a movement of a movement.

To say I love you.

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