Friday, May 11, 2012

Light Dark

Light Dark
Draft 1 May 11, 2012
Thanks to Charlotte, Natalie and dad for the translation help.

Lux, a light without shadow, without
the shaping of
something, Light, creeping into
this window and along the drapes
shapes, draping, lighting the edges, soft
leicht, fluttering so much those edges begin to lift themselves.
Light and upward, qīng qīng dè.

A moving inside a movement, the songs which are sung silently,
a brightness, la canciό es ligera and soft
drifted into the room, and stumbled upon her sleeping face.
An angel, światły, drifting into a silent motion of
timeless and timed, images drifting in and out, while the
dreams tangoed with the licht. 

Lux, a light without umbre, and umbre,
a thing without form, a weightlessness made from
weight, clinging onto body, holding edges,
kissing it, forming the arms of cień, embracing –
but light, only light spreading into the space is nothing but form,
without movement, a movement without shape,
and the shadow brings movement into the movement.

Yīnyíng dancing with the licht,
A thing which is another,
A thing which cannot be without the other,
A movement that happens in stillness,
Like all movement, just in empty stillness,
Escapes into tenebrae, into the dreams, the spaces
that happen in the sleeping.

Another glass of wine, sweet darling,
Take me to the dreams, sweet sunshine,
Circled by the arms of shadows,
And the kisses of the light.